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Italy $1 Houses | Step By Step Process & Costs – Ep 4

I went to Italy to buy a cheap $1 house… I came back with 2. Truth is, I didn’t buy them for $1, I chose properties in better condition, paying only a few thousand. In this video I cover the step by step process of buying a $1 property or any property in Italy. I also cover the costs and fees you will expect to pay so that you are informed and able to make the best decision for you.

Anyone who likes old Italian architecture, the type you would have seen in the Godfather, these properties give you a chance to buy some history CHEAP. How cheap $5000 cheap! I decided to buy two properties in Mussomeli Sicily. There are other towns offering the same but its seems that Mussomeli is benefiting from a lot pf press and the cool mountain views associated with the village. Mussomeli has just about 10,000 full time residents with an increase in the population in the summer.

As far as speaking Italian is concerned, it will help to learn the language, but speaking English will get you by.

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