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Mortgage (Pre-Approved) | Easy Loan “Approval” What is a Pre-Approval

Not yet “Pre-Approved” but need a mortgage? Better than pre-approved is being APPROVED not just pre-approved, but you need to be pre-approved first! First Time Home Buyer! Should I get mortgage easy Pre-Approved? Need a Mortgage Pre-Approval letter? Then you need a mortgage approval too! What is a mortgage pre-approval? How do I get pre-approved for a mortgage? Why Do I need a mortgage pre-approval? It a mortgage pre-approval the same as a mortgage prequalification? Pre-Approvals explained for the 2018 whole loan process. Call Chris Trapani and get a mortgage pre-approval! What is the difference between an approval vs pre-approval? How do you get pre-approved? What is a pre-approval? learn the pre-approval process!

Chris Trapani the Mortgage Pro, explains all about why a pre-approval letter & an easy pre-approval is important!

The real estate buying process will always start with a mortgage pre-approval process performed by an NMLS (Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System) licensed loan officer. The process will involve the proof of income, work history, credit and credit history with a strong emphasis on past mortgage history. How much money you have saved, debt ratios and whole lot more financial and personal profiles for a solid understanding of your habits and history of how the borrower handles money.

Chris explains being pre-approved, before finding a property to make an offer on! Even better than being pre-approved is being underwriter approved & is a great negotiation tool. Most offers are looked at by the realtors and sellers with the obvious approach to “How much money will I net?” But experienced realtors will also look at “will this loan close? Will this be a smooth close? Will this be a quick close?” A proper pre-approval is imperative to a smooth transaction.

A buyer with 20% Down payment, might get priority over a buyer with a zero down payment program. But… if the loan is already approved (subject to an acceptable appraisal and title of course) then the already approved loan will rise to or near the top of the list of offers made on a property.

With so much competition for each and every home for sale, the approval might just be exactly what you need to get an accepted offer.

You can start the approval process with a home loan application online at and just click on the apply for now button. The application only takes 5 minutes!

You can also call Chris 7 days a week at 310-350-2546 and he can answer questions regarding FHA loan, VA Loans, Jumbo mortgages, conventional mortgages or any other types of mortgage home loans that you may need or be considering.

Learn how to get a home loan approved and the whole loan process – Chris calls it home loans 101! Get a real estate loan and Fire Your Landlord!

In this video, you learn how to buy a house and the process of a loan. Most types of home loans 2018 (VA loans, FHA loans, Conventional mortgage, and Jumbo) follow a pretty standard home loan process. The process of getting a loan will vary based on different guideline requirements for the different types of mortgages, but the process is the same. The loan process video is designed to explain the mortgage process in a simple way so that you can enjoy the home buying process 2018 and best home loan 2018 and home loans explained! The whys of the loan process explained properly.

Getting a mortgage in 2018, understanding how to buy a house and the process of getting a loan makes the mortgage process of getting a mortgage easier! It’s easy in 2018 to obtain a mortgage and even the home buying process 2018 easier through this loan video.

The FHA loan process, as well as the VA home loan process, conventional home loan process, are all the same with just slightly different underwriting and documentation rules and home buying loan process tips 2018 and the simple loan steps. Easy loan steps & Simple and Easy loan steps to help you Fire Your Landlord!

Learn all about real estate loans & how to get approved for a home loan including for a first-time home buyer.

The home loan process includes the whole loan system to get a loan for FHA mortgage and conventional loans and VA loans too. If you are a first time home buyer this video will help you understand the loan process 2018 that Chris Trapani as a mortgage loan officer proudly teaches through the home buying process. Easy loan steps, call Chris to Fire Your Landlord!

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How much can I borrow with an FHA loan?

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