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Mortgage Rates Plunge To New RECORD Lows – How To Refinance Your Mortgage & Save Thousands

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Mortgage rates have hit new record lows – this is one of the best times in history to refinance your mortgage. There’s more than one way to refinance your mortgage in this video, we go over the different mortgage refinance options.
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Mortgage Rates Plunge To New RECORD Lows – How To Refinance Your Mortgage & Save Thousands
0:31 – Mortgage rates have plunged to new lows which is bad for banks but good for people thinking about refinancing their mortgage
1:00 – Calculation of refinancing your mortgage how much money you can save by refinancing
2:10 – Why mortgage rates are falling
2:58 – How to save the most money on your mortgage by refinancing your mortgage
4:39 – How to same the most money on your monthly payments by refinancing your mortgage
5:02 – How a cash out refinance works to put more money in your pocket
6:42 – How to find the best mortgage refinancing option
8:15 – Understanding the risk with a cash out refinance

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Video host: Jaspreet Singh

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