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What $900 Can Rent You in Mexico // Mexico House Tours

House Hunting in Mexico means finding affordable gems like these two homes in downtown Querétaro.

In these house tours, you’ll see examples of the high quality of life you can achieve at a fraction of the prices offered in the US.

We’re offering two very distinct examples of the types of homes you can get in the colonial and historic downtown of Querétaro.

The first home is very vintage and artistic. A true homage to the history of the city with designer touches and a luxurious feel.

The second home (beginning at 04:55), is a rare opportunity to live right in the heart of downtown with truly modern amenities.

As we mentioned, both of these homes are situated in the Historic Downtown of Querétaro, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Downtown Querétaro offers a safe and clean colonial paradise for anyone seeking liveliness and culture in their every day lives. Could you imagine stepping out of your home to the storybook neighborhood that is Downtown Querétaro?

Here are some videos that help depict what you can expect from this area.
– (We arrive downtown around minute 6:45)

Now let’s talk about Monica Wright.

If you are interested in moving to Querétaro (the best place to live in Mexico), you have to contact Monica Wright.

She is a real estate agent that specializes in aiding expats relocating to Querétaro. She truly understands the expectations, particularities, and needs of an expat in Mexico. Why? Because she is an expat herself!

She is really the best. To contact her, you should write her at her email which is:

She actually showed us an amazing luxury home in Querétaro. Here’s that video:

Now, we did a disclaimer showing that this video was filmed a few months ago so the prices given are based on the exchange rate of December 2019 (approximately 19.03 MXN=1 USD). Due to the current volatility of the MXN, contact Monica directly for exact prices and more information.

Thank you so much for watching!


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