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What Credit Score Do Mortgage Lenders Use?

When you’re ready to buy a house you’ll want to know what credit score do mortgage lenders use and if yours is on the up and up. Let’s take a closer look so you’ll have your ducks in a row ready to go! *Timeline & More Info Below*

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In practice, I share with my clients to simply #JTAB = Just Take a Breath it’ll be alright as we move forward together. Remember, FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real. What’s the best way to replace FEAR? With knowledge and you’re doing that right now. Kudos!

What you’ll learn:
1. Which credit score is used most by lenders!
2. What is a good credit score!
3. Do you need a credit score to buy a house?

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1. 1:02 – There are 3 main credit reporting bureaus!

2. 2:00 – How important is a credit score to buy a house?

3. 3:38 – What does your middle numeric credit score mean to a mortgage lender?

4. 5:16 – The mortgage lender is highly likely to use the credit score for mortgage based on what’s called an RMCR credit report.
RMCR = Residential Mortgage Credit Report aka a Tri-Merge Credit Report or and 3-Bureau Credit Report.

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