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When is Refinancing a Mortgage a Good Idea?

When we hear mortgage rates are going up or down, a lot of us may wonder if we should refinance our mortgage. Sometimes it makes sense, sometimes it doesn’t. Let’s help you answer the question when is refinancing a mortgage a good idea?

In practice, I share with my clients to simply #JTAB = Just Take a Breath it’ll be alright as we move forward together. Remember, FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real. What’s the best way to replace FEAR? With knowledge and you’re doing that right now. Kudos!

What you’ll learn:
1. Should you refinance your mortgage?
2. Is refinancing a house good or bad?
3. How to know when to refinance your mortgage!

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4 Common Scenarios
1. 0:54 – Scenario 1: When mortgage rates go down!

2. 2:01 – Scenario 2: Your home value has increased!

3. 4:01 – Scenario 3: Your credit score is higher!

4. 4:52 – Scenario 4: You have an adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) and rate are going up!

7 Ways to Figure out if Refinancing is Right for You!
1. 5:37 – Way 1: Calculate your break-even point!

2. 6:21 – Way 2: Use a mortgage refinance calculator!

3. 6:43 – Way 3: Don’t forget to factor the fees!

4. 7:42 – Way 4: Think about the term (length of the loan) you want!

5. 8:01 – Way 5: Consider the timing of your mortgage refinance. How many years are left on your existing mortgage and will it really save you money if you refinance?

6. 9:06 – Way 6: Are you willing to put forth the effort?

7. 9:50 – Way 7: Know your credit score!

Thank you for watching! =)

Enjoy an amazing day!
Andrew Finney

Disclaimers/ Credits:
At the time of production, Andrew Finney, S.0173260, is a real estate salesperson with King Realty Group in Las Vegas, NV.

Andrew’s videos are his own and do not necessarily represent the views and/ or opinions of KRG.

The purpose of Andrew’s videos are to educate you and help you make sense of the real estate process. If you have questions about home loans, real estate, taxes, financial advice, real estate law, insurance, professional trades, or any other services where you live, you are advised to reach out to the appropriate professional for further counsel about your own unique situation.

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