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When you decide to buy a home.{Mortgage – Home Loans | pre-approval | Buy Real Estate

Qualifying for a mortgage! Home Loan qualifications. Buy a home!

For many people, the decision to buy a home starts with more questions than answers.
Do I have good enough credit? How do I raise my credit score? Why must I have good credit? I do not have money for a down payment. How do I get a down payment?

So many of these things will come from a shift in thinking. A shift from spending your money to saving your money. A change from I want that tool, shoes, book, gadget to… What I really want is my own house!

It is a change from if I have the money to pay… to I will pay no matter what and then I will figure out the next step.

If your thought process regarding credit becomes – If I lent someone money, how would I want them to pay me back? Do unto others etc becomes, Lend unto others…

Of course, bad things happen to good people, a lender will not lend you money if you do not have the history of paying back what you borrow,
in the time that you and the lender agreed by contract that you would pay it back.

When it comes to a down payment, the lender prefers “Skin in the game”. If you do not put a down payment, it is easy for many borrowers to just walk away. The more money you put down shows a stronger commitment from you and lest risk to the lender.

You also must, of course, have a strong history of making enough money to buy the home. If you cannot prove your income, the risk to the lender becomes very high and that is not a loan that lenders choose to do. Everything must be “forensically” proved on paper.

How long you are on a job shows stability, how y0ou treat your credit, and your commitment to homeownership by saving a down payment.

For so many, it is a paradigm shift from the consumer – spender to saver proving they are responsible.

Would you lend someone hundreds of thousands of dollars of “your own money” without proving they were responsible enough to ensure you were not only paid but paid on time?

The shift in thinking makes it possible.

Of course many people already have a high fico score and already save money – homeownership will be easy for you, but for the rest let us make the decision with a determination that is unwavering to stick it out so that you can Fire Your Landlord! for FHA loan application online. Apply online. even FHA Loans bad credit!

FHA Loan guidelines for FHA mortgage loans are the same in California and nationally.

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