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Wholesaling Houses | When to Go Virtual When You Buy and Hold

Today I sit with Marcus Maloney and we talk about why he chose a market outside of his home state to invest in buy and holds! The returns on his deals will blow your mind!

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Lauren Hardy is a real estate investor based in Orange County California and has invested in hundreds of properties in her 8 year career. Lauren has the unique expertise of being a successful “Virtual Investor” having not lived in many of the states she’s invested in. She founded TMF Real Estate, LLC in 2012 after having her first daughter. She dreamed of creating a business that would give her personal and professional satisfaction, but with the flexibility to make sure she wouldn’t miss the important moments of her family life.

Lauren has developed a reputation in the industry for persevering in extremely competitive markets by constantly following the market changes, changing market territories if needed, and buying properties based on comparable sales versus speculation.

Lauren currently lives with her two daughters in Southern California and travels to her market territories several times a year. For more information or to keep in touch, follow @thismomflips on Instagram or email

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